Take control of your medical bills.

Medical expenses are often shocking and impossible to understand. Ruby takes you from overwhelmed to empowered from the moment you enter your first bill.

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Medical bills are complex.
You don’t have to tackle them alone.

We’ve combined easy-to-use technology with industry expertise to empower you to lower your totals and find a manageable way forward.

Create a plan that works for you

Enter one or multiple bills, calculate what you can afford, and prepare a personalized payment plan.

Negotiate prices that save you money

Confidently negotiate with providers using talking points from industry experts.

Manage all your bills in one place

Save your plan details to track your progress and see it through.

Ruby gives you a better way to save.




No more unpaid bills hanging over your head or confusion on where to start tackling the costs. Just simple, step by step processes to take back control and keep you moving forward.

Don’t waste time scouring the web for the best negotiation tactics. Ruby’s talking points leave you confident you can unlock the providers' best terms for your plan.

Whether it’s saving 30-80% on your overall costs, or turning lump sums into payment plans that work for you, Ruby can guide you to the best payment options available.

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Doesn't insurance do this for me?

We wish. Unfortunately, out-of-pocket expenses are on the rise.

More than $400 billion in health care expenses are paid out of pocket each year. And over 50 million working adults in the United States have unpaid medical bills.

Key Features

Quickly gain clarity on how much you owe
Breakdown lump sums into manageable payments

Whether it’s a single bill or compiling multiple bills from a single incident, starting by simply getting clarity on the total amount you’re responsible for is the first step. 

Tally what you owe and then quickly compare that to what you can afford. Create a manageable payment plan to offer to your medical provider.

Armed with an idea of a payment plan you could manage and talking points to negotiate the best terms, call your provider with confidence that you’ll get a better outcome.

Negotiate confidently with expert approved talking points
Manage all your bills and plans in one place

Multiple medical bills? Scan all of your bills into the app to get a clearer picture of what you can afford to pay. Once you’ve created payment plans, Ruby will even help you set reminders and keep track of all your payments to make sure you never fall behind.

Personalized negotiation service (Coming soon)

No time to negotiate? No problem. Our personalized negotiation service can take negotiation off your plate entirely. We’ll simply charge you a small percentage of what you ultimately save.

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Don't pay more than you need to on your medical bills.